You can insert backlinks to your site in the comment text or in the link field. A bot that Inserts comments and backlincks in the Contact Us pages. Best backlink generator.


I’m sure you know that being listed & ranked on the first page of the search engines is an absolute must. In order for you’re website to be successful, you need traffic and there is nothing that can provide this better then search engines, Im not talking about PPC and Banner Adds which will spiral your budget out of control but lazer targeted Organic Search Engine traffic which will convert like Crazy.


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What is the success rate of the bot? Can it comment on all websites? Important
The bot’s success rate in sending comments depends on the target website (the page you want to comment on); For example, many sites have no comments section at all for a bot to comment on. Some sites also don’t have a standard structure for a bot to find the comment section. In many cases, your comment will be published on the target site, but its final submission will not be approved by the site administrator; This means that although the bot performs a lot of tasks, you may end up with only a few backlinks. However, since…
The Embed Comments and Backlinks Bot is a fully automated and hassle-free bot
There are no additional fees to post comments
There are no limits on the amount of use
It doesn’t burden your system too much and won’t interfere with what you are doing on the system
And it is very reasonably priced
If you only have a 20% success rate of getting backlinks from a list of sites, it’s still definitely worth buying. Because as you know, the cost of getting just one backlink from a popular website can be much higher than the cost of one bot.
Consider a list of 10,000 websites, if a bot can give you backlinks on 5300 websites, how valuable it will be to you and your website!



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