What is the best software for auto comment on websites for backlinks 2022


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I have got the BlogCommenter running and this thing is just wonderful. I somehow always struggle with software, but even a numbskull like me can get that to run. 5846 posts and quietly ticking


You just command the bot what to do and it will go and do it for you – it also works whilst minimized allowing you to carry out more important work


So what are the features?

Seo tick Builds thousands of backlinks accross 4 famous platforms

Seo tickComes with 100k Backlinks pre loaded

Seo tickSupports Decaptcher for auto Captcha solving

Seo tickProxy Support through Elite proxy switcher

Seo tickLight weight and runs whilst minimized

Seo tickUrl and keyword matching for precise backlinks

Seo tickspin keywords and comments

Seo tickControl the number of urls to comment on

Seo tickrandomly rotates through your backlink urls an

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