commentrobot SEO offers a fully automated way to get unlimited backlinks from various sources and platforms. I was a bit unimpressed with this tool.
While running, it wastes a lot of resources and abuses your amount of RAM and CPU for such a simple task. It can run 24/7 and is required to generate lots of backlinks to your site. Running very slow and very poor quality backlinks from sites such as WhoIs and ranking sites, keyword searches Submit blog comments collected at runtime from and backlinks from blogs of the same type

I ran this software for 5 days as a test (full product, not a trial version) and I was able to get a lot of backlinks, but unfortunately only the links that the software told me were successful were all broken. And I checked the page. Linking to my URL actually did nothing.

.By utilizing user-defined keyword lists, the auto blog commenter can find thousands of posts related to specified niches and automatically post comments to blogs (with backlinks to your sites) in real time….

This can and should be improved in the future as the developer states on the site that the price will increase per 100 customers.

commentrobot  Poster is an automated blog commenting software designed for businesses and individuals looking for faster indexing, better search engine rankings, more targeted visitors, and increased sales at the same time.
Using user-defined keyword lists, an autoblog commenter can find thousands of posts related to specified niches and automatically post blog comments (with backlinks to your site) in real time. Built with the needs of professional webmasters in mind, the automatic blog commenting service handles an unlimited number of promoted domains, with each domain having its own keywords, individual comment messages, proxies, and more.


High Speed Submission

Smart Submission Process

Artificial Intelligence

Article Spinning & Rewriting

Backlink monitor feature – your Live link Checker

Auto sites list updates

Automatic Captcha Solving


related to WordPress-Blogs-Auto-Comment software log-Comment-Poster v4.2 and v5.2 .

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  • Hassan Hassan December 25, 2022

    Thank you for sharing this informative and thought-provoking blog post. It’s clear that you put a lot of time and effort into researching and writing this, and it definitely shows in the quality of the content.Your insights on this issue really hit home for me and I think they will for many other readers as well. Keep up the great work!

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