If you are looking to use an SEO equipped commenting system; you may look forward to use commentrobot.

KomentBox is Free to use and not only build instant engagements to a website but also builds revenue for a website.


  1. Mapping of comments on a facebook post to the appropriate website article
  2. A complete analytics suite that covers article analysis, comment analysis and traffic analysis
  3. Premium Monetization via ads in between the comments.
  4. A very good referral traffic
  5. Complete customization available according to website template.
  6. SEO inclusion
  7. Quick Load

I personally have a very good experience with the KomentBox and is a must try for all the people looking out to get instant increase in commenting and some additional revenues for their website.


I’m sure you know that being listed & ranked on the first page of the search engines is an absolute must. In order for you’re website to be successful, you need traffic and there is nothing that can provide this better then search engines, Im not talking about PPC and Banner Adds which will spiral your budget out of control but lazer targeted Organic Search Engine traffic which will convert like Crazy.

Best of all, You dont need to be a search engine optimization expert or even tech savy, just fill in the blanks and let the commentrobot  work its magic

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