First, leaving genuine comments on blogs can help you build great relation with peoples that are working  at the same ideas as you are working on it . On top of that, it can help you get free backlinks and traffic to your site. In other words, blog comments have powerful networking, SEO and traffic benefits as it can rank your blog to there top level on any search engine.


Benefits of blog comments in 2022
As you may have heard, leaving comments on blogs is still an effective strategy! Current online marketing trends suggest that they are ineffective, but they are not.

They avoid it. Because it’s a bit spammy and I don’t like it. If done correctly, it is not spam.

Benefits of Commenting on Blogs: Doing it the right way gives you these benefits.

1. Improve vision
People browsing your industry blog may be looking for the products and services you offer. Maybe they haven’t met your blog yet. This is the first step in exposing yourself to them. I don’t know who reads my blog comments.

If possible, use the person’s name to increase the credibility and visibility of your message. Most of the time people see your company name and assume they just want a link. In fact, we encourage you to use your name instead of your business name to increase visibility and exposure.

2. Get backlinks

Most blogs allow you to add web links to your blog comments. Commenting regularly on blogs is a great way to build inbound links.

You can follow the backlinks when you comment on the blog. If you comment on a blog with high domain authority and include your blog URL, people will notice you. We generally recommend posting your comments on specific blogs.

3. Building relationships

Commenting on your niche blog encourages people to read your answers. If your comment is relevant and useful to them, they are more likely to click on your link. Please do not comment just for linking.

The best way to start a new discussion is to read the entire article and find any mistakes in the post or provide an objective response. Leave a thoughtful comment about the mistakes you find in the blog post. Readers are drawn to your blog. Always check your claims before posting a comment.

4. Increase in traffic

From this point on, your blog may receive more traffic. You also benefit from the benefits of SEO. When commenting, we recommend that you post your comments before others post theirs.

The first person to comment will definitely bring you the most traffic. Increased traffic is proven


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